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50 Beautiful Love Quotes Status

- Ashiq Raazz

That Will Make Anyone Believe in True Love

Let’s Start
-Ashiq Raazz

  1. Let’s Be Successful Together
  2. We Are More Than Perfect for Each Other
  3. You Are An Addictive Drug  ❤
  4. Being With You, It’s Just Like Being On Vacations
  5. Just Be With Me ❤ In Every Phase Of This Life
  6. I Don’t Care About The World, I Care About Us ❤
  7. I Love You So Much More Than You Know
  8. I Can’t Explain Why But Our Connections Is Unexplainable
  9. You Next To Me Everywhere and every time ❤
  10. Your Little Things means a lot to me


  • 11. I Want to Disturb you for the rest of my life
  • Every Moment Is magical With You
  • I See Your Name on Notifications and I smile
  • Lost In The World Where Are mine and I am your
  • From Stranger To The Person, I Can’t stop thinking about
  • You Are my little world in this big world
  • Let’s run away together in the place of Only you and me
  • I just can’t stop dreaming of us, Do you see?
  • You are my happy place
  • No One Can Love me better than you


  1. Life is beautiful, If I am With you
  2. Do me a favor, stay with me forever
  3. You are my favorite feelings ♡
  4. Will you be my fantastic forever
  5. You didn’t know even how much I love you?
  6. I want you, I want us, Forever and always
  7. Your love is exactly the same as my heart wants
  8. Baby, You’re my addictions
  9. Everything Is Fine, If You’re Mine
  10. You and I, A beautiful Combinations


  • No One Makes Me Happy Like the way you do
  • The moment when you look at me and smile, I am addicted to that moments
  • It’s your duty to make me happy, understand 😘
  • I start believing in magic when I see you smiling
  • Dear favorite person, I love you
  • Some have friends, some have soulmates but I have both in you
  • I have you, they always made me smile
  • Promise me that you will never let me go
  • Your presence gives peace to me
  • Hey | Can I have you forever?


  1. Your smile is my smile
  2. Your happiness is my happiness
  3. Life feels extra special with you
  4. I love you, more than you love me
  5. Your arms are my favorite place to stay forever in the world
  6. I love you | 
  7. I promise to be your in every phase of my life
  8. You’re my perfect decisions and you will be
  9. you’re the most beautiful rose in my garden
  10. I feel real to special be yours 
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